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Sirius XM Holdings Inc. is an American broadcasting company headquartered in Midtown Manhattan, New York City that provides satellite radio and online radio services operating in the United States. It was formed by the 2008 merger of Sirius Satellite Radio and XM Satellite Radio, merging them into SiriusXM Radio. The company also has a 70% equity interest in Sirius XM Canada, an affiliate company


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RayZ says

"Spent hours on the phone yesterday: two one agents in Philippines, agent in Idaho, three online agents who knows where. Pretty consistent incompetence. They changed a subscription w/o permission. They play tricks: the message box will say \"agent is typing.\" No, agent is not typing. Agent is unable or unwilling to handle requests (like, consolidate three subscriptions into one contract with clearly defined charges and service dates). If you wait long enough, the online session ends -- and the next agent will claim it\'s because you didn\'t respond for x amount of time. Also, the company will not provide transcripts of the call or online session. Sirius has a lot of good qualities, but service and corporate ethos are horrible."

John says

"I am sick and tired of all the talking by the DJs. I signed up for music not their take on concerts and birthdays. Now we all know why they do it, less music played is less royalties paid."

John says

"Recently SXM changed their \"package names\". No. They did more than that! They took MLB and NBA off the package I have subscribed to since 2006. SiriusXM sucks. I pay more for this radio service than I do for video. Stupid me."

Steven Chavez says

"Sirius is a scam and has the worst service of any company on Earth. canceling their service is exceptionally difficult. You can't do it, even if you have an account and try through their web. You must call them, and then they keep you and hold until you hang up. If you're patient and you get them, their agents straight up and lie, telling you they canceled, when they did not. They will never send a confirmation. I finally had to cancel my credit card. DO NOT SUBSCRIBE!!!"

Jonathan Welter says

"Customer service is abysmal. Asked 8 times to cancel my subscription and refused to cancel unless I answered if I wanted to take advantage of their “special” offers. Wasted 58 minutes of my life for a simple task. I do not recommend this product because they lack customer service. Required 2 supervisors to finally cancel the subscription."

RB says

"Sirius XM is a monopoly; and they act like it too-horrible upselling customer service-never without another line to take your money, despite emails and receipts, they will turn off your radio and call you incessantly if they feel like it-DESPITE being paid in full! Need I say more...there's more but this one's brief, they have the satellite radio world buy the short hairs, but like the rest of us, nobody knew (we think) what was coming for us all-even the mighty Sirius XM is hurting for business, we should put them out of it-very illicit and unfair business practices, not to mention theft of funds..."

Lora Tollefson says

"Horrible. Chatbot wait for almost 15 minutes, phone call wait for 15 minutes. Person barely speaks English. And has no clue. Got nowhere. How do they retain customers?"

Shannon Wilkins says



"I purchased the one year membership with SiriusXM and after the year was over I was dissatisfied with my purchase because all they do is talk on the radio I purchased it so I wouldn’t have to listen to talk I wanted to hear music so I didn’t renew after my subscription expired. But they continued charging me even though I did not renew it and eventually they shut my radio off which I hardly ever listen to anyways. Then they sent me a big bill for $282 and I called them and they said I had to pay that and I said what’s for? I already paid you they said I have to pay that because I didn’t call them to cancel so they continue charging me. I decided to get a jump drive with 5000 of my favourite songs on and I just listen to that for free instead of all the chatter from Sirius Xm. Talk talk talk talk in between songs that’s all they do. You just a well listen to the regular radio for free."

Carlos says

"Subscribed years ago because a new car came with a trial subscription. Since then, kept renewing only because they offered rock bottom discounts (70-80% off usual fees) every time I called to cancel. This time I called 2 days before subscription expired with intent to cancel. If I didn't the would automatically bill my credit card at their usual high fees. Tried to call on Friday evening only to find that their phone lines are closed on weekends! My credit card was due to be charged on Sunday. When you try to cancel on line, you find out that you can do anything on line except canceling! To cancel you have to talk to an agent who is not available on weekends! When you click on "start a chat" button, you get a "connection unavailable" message. I was finally able to reach them using a text chat on my smart phone. When I texted I wanted to cancel they responded that my request was being "escalated" to a live agent. That escalation took 15 minutes on hold. Once they answered, I had to fill a lengthy form to confirm my identity. They kept on stalling me, stating they had to know why I wanted to cancel. They kept on offering discounts. Asking me what I thought of their service. My response was that I hated it. Then they wanted to know why I hated it! After threats of legal action and negative reviews they finally cancelled my subscription. It took 45 minutes of my time. Good thing my phone line has unlimited texting, otherwise it wound have costed me money as well as my time. Awful service that makes it impossibly infuriating to cancel your subscription. Their music channels repeat the same songs over and over. Not worth it. STAY AWAY!"

Brian Olson says

"the absolute worst people i have ever dealt with and was trying to renew a subscription. Over 4 hours after being cut off, listening to lousy music,transferred etc. after renewing and them owing me credit back onto my card it took 3 mins (as wife was on other computer) to take money out but they say 3 to 5 business days to refund the card what they owe us, will allow this once and see if it comes true, but really the most horrible experience i have ever had."

Lee Nicky says

"lousy, everything about them is lousy and it is why they ask you to call them to cancel the service, if they'd be confident enough, they would let you cancel it online."

John-Michael Bodi says

"I had two cars, had Sirius in both but (due to the Covid) I sold one and unsubscribed both of them BUT I bought a Sirius radio, costing me about $200, etc. It stopped working after 6 months. I tried to get it to work and after trying to interact with a machine I cancelled the subscription. I strongly suggest you don't buy Sirius, it's not worth it."

Paul C. says

"Non-existent customer service. They do not clearly indicate what packages contain and cost. No option for a car only package, sorry i dont need an echo dot or streaming. they hide the military discount, good thing we didnt hide deployed overseas. tried chat, phone numbers, review section and corporate help contacts but none function. will be returning the radio and speaker docks."

Kenneth Brewer says


Avraham Jacob says

"Id give them zero if I could, I hate them so much, crooks."

jeannine berger says

"They are awful, not sure 1 star is good enough. I went to transfer my service to another car only to find out the car does not have the service. The “salesperson” aka customer support, offered my a free radio that can hook into the radio. GREAT!! 20 minutes later after being put on hold, I was disconnected. Okay, so lets call back (happy factor low), only to learn that its free if you change your subscription and pay a higher monthly. Anyone out there want explain how this is free? By my calculations, you are going to charge and free is really a bait and switch. I thought that was illegal? Beware, this business is not operating ethically or otherwise. I think its time to look into other streaming services. Maybe one will come along that is worthy of our earnings"

Jason Lewis says

"Remember Hotel California? "You can check in any time you like but you can never leave..." Horrendous customer service. Be prepared to waste hours of your life battling with these dreadful people if you ever want to cancel!"

David H. says

"One of the most shady and conniving companies I have ever dealt with. I wanted to cancel my subscription because I simply didn't need it. I attempted to do this via their website, I was then told that I would need to call customer service in order to do so (RED FLAG why would any good company make things this confusing?). Sensing this was strange I researched this issue on reddit and sure enough I found tons of horror stories from people who attempted to cancel their subscriptions. It took me over 2 hours to cancel my subscription, I finally had to tell them that my mom died of cancer for them to take me seriously. I WOULD NEVER USE THIS OUTDATED AND UNNECESSARY SERVICE IN THE FUTURE!"

DPM says

"And one star is too much! After spending over 4 hours in for phone calls, always being disconnected when asked for a supervisor. Their customer service is aweful. Every time we received different information. As much as I love the stations, it’s definitely NOT worth the hassle dealing with them. They don’t care either. I guess they have more customers than they can service. PANDORA, here I come!"

Madeline Cano says

"The worst customer service I have ever dealt with. I called twice and waited over 40 minutes to set up my Sirius xm because online it said my code was invalid. Every time they would just place me on hold and thank me for waiting and then hang up!!! It happened twice and I think it was deliberate because I said I didn’t want to upgrade, rather I wanted to have my radio actually work and that was always when the call ended!!! I’m so upset and after reading other reviews it seems difficult to cancel. Don’t know what I’m going to do now."

HPeck says

"It's time for Musk to setup a rival srice. It took me 4 CSR's and 45 minutes to cancel my subscription."

Devante White says

"Please play gospel music and shows on a Christian channel, not on Heart & Soul."

Tony D says

"robbers , liars , cheaters, gypsy, fraudster, scammers, thiefs, scumbags That is the beginning and the end for this schlokhouse bunch of creepy company ratfink toads. I love listening to Howard, but without robbing you they cant afford to pay him I guess...shame , its a damn shame For free I wouldnt go back , youre big boys and girls and Im pretty easy to give awau more than they want to steal. Princible is out the window for most everythimg in the world but Sirius is a prime good example of the toilet the business practices have become ....oh btw did I say F^*k You Sirius ....well FU "